Teeth whitening

The natural color of the teeth

As all people are different, the color of each individual’s teeth is just as good. </ P>
There are four families of natural color tones of teeth, as illustrated here:

  • Auburn (reddish-brown);
  • Reddish-Yellow;
  • Grey;
  • Gray-Brown.

First, you must know that the natural tooth is not perfectly white. We can observe a large variety of colors in this one, some are more yellow, others grayer ….

Teeth become darker naturally with age. The use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or beverages can also accelerate this process.

In addition, the perception of the color of the teeth can be influenced by the color of the skin and makeup. Regardless of the actual color of their teeth, those with darker skin will look as if they have whiter teeth. The same phenomenon can be observed for women who use dark makeup. The source of light where one is will have an effect on the perception of the color of the teeth.